About company

Bren Pharma Ltd specialises in export distribution and storage of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, diagnostic products, diet and nutrition products, veterinary products and cosmetics. We export products in the following countries: Moldova, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Iran and other countries.

We work with a number of Ukraine and international manufacturers, providing storage and distribution services also supplying to full line wholesalers and direct to market covering pharmacies.In addition to our ability to supply pharmaceuticals and medical products for human use, Bren Pharma Ltd is also able to source and distribute veterinary products globally for our clients. Bren Pharma has experience supplying our clients with non-pharmaceutical medical supplies including: Disposables, Surgical instruments, Medical equipment, Diagnostic tests, Dental sundries,Dental laboratory supplies and cosmetics.Our logistics team is fully experienced in exporting pharmaceuticals and other medical products, all around the globe, including the developing world, whilst complying with any specific regulatory or customs requirements of the importing country.Bren Pharma’s prime mission is representation of Ukraine’s pharmaceutical companies in the international markets, providing Quality, Customer Care, Affordability and Choice to our customers.

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